Saturday, 22 January 2011

No passion without sustenance

As you can see, I've finally decided to decorate the place, I hope you like it. It was influenced by woods, and violation by them. Talking of influences... I have a horrible feeling I was taken advantage of last night, I was tired and drunk, easily influenced, shown provocative photos and asked to tell stories. Awesomes.

Obviously I can be very crap at blogging, and I'm not talking about my inability to put capital I's or my use of punctuation grenades. Sometimes I can't bring myself to actually write anything, for days at a time, these times are when I tend to be very busy. Or easily distracted by the internet. I used to like the idea of writing this blog and nobody reading it, kinda like a modern day diary. Just full of music. And nonsense. But recently it's been a relief to find out it actually has been read by at least some very bored friends, still inspiration is inspiration. Keeps the passion.

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