Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The monkeys are coming

No doubt a quote from 'Twelve Monkeys'/Prince Phillip. The long awaited second album from Does it offend you, yeah? is weeks away. They bloody took their time.

I first heard Does it offend you, yeah? on an nme/kerrang/some fucking magazine tour in Bristol. They were supporting Joe lean and the jing jang jong, the Cribs and the Ting tings (who didn't bother turning up, literally). A pretty good line up at the time, until one of those acts turned into awful pop and another couldn't control their drugged up front man. I do still love the Cribs.

They had on of those sounds, you couldn't quite believe they were playing these songs live. They really got the crowd going and I've been obsessed with their album ever since.

The above second track to get airplay off the new album, 'Don't say we didn't warn you', sounds very much like the older stuff. Fantastic, I hate it when a band change their direction after one album. Can wait to here the rest of it when it's released early next month. Seeing them live soon too!

Fair play for a creative video. Poking fun at the fact most of their tracks have been used on adverts. At least I hope they are.