Monday, 31 January 2011

Music that tells me nothing about my own life

There has been somewhat of an uprising in folk music in the mainstream over the past few years, and apparently Australia's where it's at. The Middle East have been around for a while, depressing the shit out of anyone who would like a listen, so naturally I enjoy them.

There E.P is a beaut, as they say in prison upside-down country. Five soft, folk, ambient tracks. The most notable being 'Blood' which I'm 95% sure is about leukaemia. Bleak. It is in some ways an uplifting track, vocal harmony's do rock my socks off though.

The E.P probably would have been followed up with a studio album by now, except the band broke up for 8 months, then got back together and have seemingly done fuck all since. I heard they work as a back up back to some of the bigger folk solo artists but this could be lies.

I promise to put some less depressing shit up soon, I've just got a few electro indie albums I have to listen to. You may still not like it but at least you will like yourself afterwards.

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