Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Little Comets

There are quite a few albums I'm looking forward to this year, mostly follow ups to great debuts, such as Does It Offend You, Yeah? or new stuff from old old (OLD) favourites, see Beastie Boys long awaited Hot Sauce Committee part II (part 1 pending). It's quite nice to look forward to some debut albums from some new bands.

Step up Little Comets. Album out at the end of the month.

...and for those that like an acoustic version. Here's one involving the whole band, all playing on one instrument. These boys are talented, or have a lot of time on their hands. Same thing (I hope)

I love a bit of Indie, I'ma go see this fugly group of Geordies on the album tour. Nice Jumper ^

Oh yeah, I've been told to make this blog more personal... So here's the personal bit, I'm watching Waynes World right. now.

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