Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The monkeys are coming

No doubt a quote from 'Twelve Monkeys'/Prince Phillip. The long awaited second album from Does it offend you, yeah? is weeks away. They bloody took their time.

I first heard Does it offend you, yeah? on an nme/kerrang/some fucking magazine tour in Bristol. They were supporting Joe lean and the jing jang jong, the Cribs and the Ting tings (who didn't bother turning up, literally). A pretty good line up at the time, until one of those acts turned into awful pop and another couldn't control their drugged up front man. I do still love the Cribs.

They had on of those sounds, you couldn't quite believe they were playing these songs live. They really got the crowd going and I've been obsessed with their album ever since.

The above second track to get airplay off the new album, 'Don't say we didn't warn you', sounds very much like the older stuff. Fantastic, I hate it when a band change their direction after one album. Can wait to here the rest of it when it's released early next month. Seeing them live soon too!

Fair play for a creative video. Poking fun at the fact most of their tracks have been used on adverts. At least I hope they are.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Music that tells me nothing about my own life

There has been somewhat of an uprising in folk music in the mainstream over the past few years, and apparently Australia's where it's at. The Middle East have been around for a while, depressing the shit out of anyone who would like a listen, so naturally I enjoy them.

There E.P is a beaut, as they say in prison upside-down country. Five soft, folk, ambient tracks. The most notable being 'Blood' which I'm 95% sure is about leukaemia. Bleak. It is in some ways an uplifting track, vocal harmony's do rock my socks off though.

The E.P probably would have been followed up with a studio album by now, except the band broke up for 8 months, then got back together and have seemingly done fuck all since. I heard they work as a back up back to some of the bigger folk solo artists but this could be lies.

I promise to put some less depressing shit up soon, I've just got a few electro indie albums I have to listen to. You may still not like it but at least you will like yourself afterwards.

Lick of the Day

This song is not only hilarious but it's a whole lot more upbeat than most of the music I've been listening to apparently. You know you have a problem when the people at work claim productivity reaches a low when you stick on your folk music.

So, here's some hip hop of the epic variety. Listen and realise how we dream little, Kanye dreams big/is a prick.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

No passion without sustenance

As you can see, I've finally decided to decorate the place, I hope you like it. It was influenced by woods, and violation by them. Talking of influences... I have a horrible feeling I was taken advantage of last night, I was tired and drunk, easily influenced, shown provocative photos and asked to tell stories. Awesomes.

Obviously I can be very crap at blogging, and I'm not talking about my inability to put capital I's or my use of punctuation grenades. Sometimes I can't bring myself to actually write anything, for days at a time, these times are when I tend to be very busy. Or easily distracted by the internet. I used to like the idea of writing this blog and nobody reading it, kinda like a modern day diary. Just full of music. And nonsense. But recently it's been a relief to find out it actually has been read by at least some very bored friends, still inspiration is inspiration. Keeps the passion.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I Fall Over

There's a weird place in the music industry for DJs who obviously make their money from performing live, they enjoy what they are doing, make enough money to live and are constantly putting new stuff out on the internet. Great life. These remixes of popular tracks go up the 'hype' charts and get played in massive clubs around the world, with various 'mash up' names attached. Then they DJs in question will release a studio album, kinda pointless don't you think. Mostly yeah, they've already got their stuff out, why the hell bore an audience with the attention span of a minute and a half?!

Aeroplane is one such act, known mostly for their remixes tearing up various online charts, Vito DeLuca released what can only be described as a poke at the 60s/70s/80s/90s. Who knows. Who cares. It's good is all, listen to it.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I just sighed. I just sighed, just so you know.

I'm currently attempting to redesign my blog, it's proving harder then ever imagined. My friend drew me an awesome wolf (I'mma call it Santiago, the king of wolves) to go in the background but it seems to be too large to add on. I'm fucking useless at computers. Probably because I'm a jock, computer skills are for nerds.

Anyway, today was an OK day. Except the fact that I kept on sighing. To the point where it was weirding me out. I mean seriously a lot. I did't even feel fed up, apparently I was.

Found out about this amazing hip hop group called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All the other day, actually been listening to the first of their many mixtapes, check them out if you like hip hop, they're a little bit like.... nothing you've probably heard. Put them in the same ship as Eminem, Das Racist, Wu Tang and anything else that your parents didn't want you to listen to when you were 11.

Peace out, Bitch (Sorry)

Monday, 17 January 2011

Drawing conclusions from paranoia

January is a fucking depressing month, the aftermath of the festive period bringing out the very worst in people. Some things are only meant to last over Christmas, apparently optimism is one of those things. Negative thought adding to negative thought adding to negative thought, resulting in shear despair. I'm bumming myself out.

Track of the day - This not only makes me think of my post uni high, three holidays in one summer, hanging out with the Ford family, getting pretty pisssshed but it makes me realise I probably shouldn't let buzzkills get to me. Because The Pigeon Detectives can't think of that many words but still make the all time best selling alternative albums on iTunes. It's all about making an effort to be blissfully ignorant...

Afterthought. That's it, I'm buying a KIGU.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Track of the Day

OK, so I have decided to make this blog a little more than a showcase of whatever I'm listening to at any given moment. I figure if I can put a track up on here every now, maybe some thoughts and then I can make it a little more personal, also my memory is bloody awful at the moment, a record of what I was up to could come in handy in the future!

At the moment I have the horrible feeling of attack from all sides, work, home, friends and relationships all going wrong. Lets all move to London and form a band. Please

Little Comets

There are quite a few albums I'm looking forward to this year, mostly follow ups to great debuts, such as Does It Offend You, Yeah? or new stuff from old old (OLD) favourites, see Beastie Boys long awaited Hot Sauce Committee part II (part 1 pending). It's quite nice to look forward to some debut albums from some new bands.

Step up Little Comets. Album out at the end of the month.

...and for those that like an acoustic version. Here's one involving the whole band, all playing on one instrument. These boys are talented, or have a lot of time on their hands. Same thing (I hope)

I love a bit of Indie, I'ma go see this fugly group of Geordies on the album tour. Nice Jumper ^

Oh yeah, I've been told to make this blog more personal... So here's the personal bit, I'm watching Waynes World right. now.