Monday, 17 January 2011

Drawing conclusions from paranoia

January is a fucking depressing month, the aftermath of the festive period bringing out the very worst in people. Some things are only meant to last over Christmas, apparently optimism is one of those things. Negative thought adding to negative thought adding to negative thought, resulting in shear despair. I'm bumming myself out.

Track of the day - This not only makes me think of my post uni high, three holidays in one summer, hanging out with the Ford family, getting pretty pisssshed but it makes me realise I probably shouldn't let buzzkills get to me. Because The Pigeon Detectives can't think of that many words but still make the all time best selling alternative albums on iTunes. It's all about making an effort to be blissfully ignorant...

Afterthought. That's it, I'm buying a KIGU.

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