Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I just sighed. I just sighed, just so you know.

I'm currently attempting to redesign my blog, it's proving harder then ever imagined. My friend drew me an awesome wolf (I'mma call it Santiago, the king of wolves) to go in the background but it seems to be too large to add on. I'm fucking useless at computers. Probably because I'm a jock, computer skills are for nerds.

Anyway, today was an OK day. Except the fact that I kept on sighing. To the point where it was weirding me out. I mean seriously a lot. I did't even feel fed up, apparently I was.

Found out about this amazing hip hop group called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All the other day, actually been listening to the first of their many mixtapes, check them out if you like hip hop, they're a little bit like.... nothing you've probably heard. Put them in the same ship as Eminem, Das Racist, Wu Tang and anything else that your parents didn't want you to listen to when you were 11.

Peace out, Bitch (Sorry)

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