Thursday, 10 December 2009

Me and Frank, Frank and Me

When is Frank Turner going to realise his dream and team up with me to make a Christmas song everyone loves? As one of my favourite song writers and a true gent he could at least give it an effort. It beats ‘Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number One’ any day. What is that crap anyway? I honestly think it would be worse if Rage made Number One. Where’s everyone’s festive cheer gone? Whatever song makes it, makes it for one reason: it is downloaded the most. If you’re going to pay for it, of course you enjoy it. No one is forcing you to buy anything or listen to Radio 1, so stop making a drama out of nothing and put ‘Killing In The Name Of' back on your headphones.

This time around I’m going to have a little chat about a folk/ex-punk artist I love, Frank Turner. I feel he’s been forgotten a little bit with the recent influx of female electro pop folk artists. I feel for you, man. I think of him as a great songwriter, one that we can all honestly relate to. He sings songs about his friends, getting drunk, feeling old, politics, travelling the world and one of life’s great mysteries, women.

He’s one of the hardest working artists in the industry today, having toured for years at time, even attempting to play 24 gigs in 24 hours at one point. He has been a bit of a support and small venue act for most of his career, a regular at Reading and Leeds but recently sold out the Shepherds Bush Empire on the final day of his British tour. Anyone who has been to a Frank Turner gig will understand how much of a friendly vibe the crowd has. He’s now touring the US and Europe before returning to London for a gig on December 19th and touring again in spring ‘10. Phew, tires me out just writing about it. Take a look for yourself

This is why you shouldn’t steal his music off the internet, download it from iTunes, or better than that buy the CDs and get sing-along booklets, not that you’ll need them. I’ll give you a little preview of some of his best though. Shhhh.

The Ballard of Me and my Friends

The Real Damage

I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous

The Road (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

Here’s to Frank, one of us and a truly great live act.

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