Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sounds of 2010

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season, I have only just sobered up and am now able to focus on a computer screen long enough to shoot a bit of hot blogging out.

I (like many other bloggers) bloody love the feeling I get when I discover a new band I actually really, really like. I’m also pretty bloody lazy. This is why I will always check out the BBC Sounds of 2010 longlist. I also really like the word bloody today.

This list is made up of newish acts that the BBC music critics/Tim Westwood predict will break/sell out over the next year. I have to say they’ve made some very good (and predictable calls) in the past, who would have thought MGMT would have made it?!

Anyways, the list can be broken into sections, those that will probably make it, those that won’t and those that are already making it. These aren’t actually categories by the way, I’ve made them up. Where a music act lies can often be judged on how shiny their MySpace page is.

I’m now going to attempt to (p)review these acts! Before I start, can I just say, I’ve listened to all these acts and they are all very talented, I can see there appeal within their genres and you should really listen to them yourself before you judge. It’s my pessimistic opinion.

Those that will probably make it;

Daisy Dares You – She’s female and has a guitar, is there really anything more you need nowadays? Daisy fits into the very (very) successful female alt folk electro grouping that really took off towards the end of last year. She has a few catchy songs, looking forward to hearing her album, it’s very pop so expect some overplaying on the radio!

Everything Everything – Melodramatic pop / R&B …ish. Whatever they describe themselves as I like them, and can see them being very popular following the success of the less obvious acoustic heroes of last year. There lyrics are deep enough to engage with some catchy choruses. Check out ‘MY KZ, UR BF’.

Delvin – The new name in grime, not really my scene but with collaborations with Wiley you can’t help but get on the playlist. It helps I can actually understand what he’s saying. He does look like someone who might mug you though; I guess that also has appeal? Talented.

Gold Panda – In this case, the mainstream probably won’t see much of Gold Panda, as his appeal lieswell and truly on the clubbing scene. I’m fairly sure he’s had a few nights in the big London clubs that have gone down very well and he’s going to be at Fabric at the end of the month. Brings me back to when dance music didn’t need to have someone famous collaborating. I encourage you to check out ‘Quitters Raga’. I saw him perform at the iTunes festival last year, I got the Aphex Twin vibe from his live act.

The Drums – My Hot Pick of 2010! This four piece could easily fit onto the ‘already making it’ list but there massive UK and European tour kicks off in February. One of the tracks of last year ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ really sums up their style: Post Punk Surfer. ‘Summertime! EP’ is a must get. There’s something about this group, I’m getting tickets to see them, and I encourage you to do the same.

Two Door Cinema Club – I’ve heard a lot about this act through Kitsuné Maison, the ultra pretentious record label that constantly pumps out favourite acts of mine. What does that say about me? Shut up. A very high energy indie / electro act. ‘I Can Talk’ is a great track, with a great video. I expect them to be a festival favourite.

Those that are already making it:

Ellie Goulding – Needs no introduction after winning a Brit Award, it’s obvious that she’s already made it and is going to be one of the biggest new artists of next year. Personally I’m looking forward to some sweet remixes!

Joy Orbison – Dance music how I like it; when it invokes a feeling of euphoria, like something bigger is going on. Sounds like dance music used to pre-2000. Download ‘Hyph Mngo’ if you’re a real dance fan. Already headlining massive club nights all over the UK, expect something special from his first album.

Marina and the Diamonds – Once again, no introduction needed. The single ‘Hollywood’ is enjoying some (over)playtime on all major radio stations and ‘I’m Not A Robot’ got similar treatment. ‘The Family Jewels’ (released February) is going to be one of the biggest pop albums of the year. Oh and she’s Catherine Zeta-Welsh. Nuff said really.

Owl City – Massive over the pond topping the U.S billboard top 100 with their single ‘Fireflies’, which to me sounds like the Skins theme tune. They’re not exactly a ‘new’ act, ‘Ocean Eyes’, being released this coming March will be their third album, very good pop act though! I’d be surprised if they haven’t had many a song in a mobile phone advert, it’s that kind of pop.

Delphic – I love Delphic, can’t wait for their debut album ‘Acolyte’ to be released on the 11th of January. They enjoyed some success last year with ‘Counterpoint’ and their current single ‘Doubt’ is getting some rave reviews, it has to be one of my favourite tracks at the moment. They’ve also found time to remix ‘My Keys, Your Boyfriend’ by an artist also on this list, Everything Everthing. My indie / electro act of next year!

Those that won’t

Stornoway – Acoustic / indie / soul that’s a bit boring for my liking, not quite as instantly likable as Mumford & Sons. I can’t see myself listening to them this time next year.

Hurts – Really not my thing, a little bit George Michael. Really old sound, your parents may like this double act trapped in the 80s but I really don’t.

Giggs – Too much talk of weapons and stuff, this is a set back in hip-hop after such a good year last year for the UK scene. Listen for yourself, with a filthy mouth and bad attitude like that he’ll be shot by next year. God, I sound like my mother.

And that sums up a mildly stressful opinion forming sounds of 2010 list! I hope everyone has the best year of their life, I’m looking forward to some great gigs and festivals! Blog Out

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