Saturday, 20 November 2010

Pre-drinking at it's most creative

WOW. It's been months and months and months since i even thought about blogging about music. I don't know what came over me.... anyways my creative side (as well as my opinon) is vying to get out again.

I think it's been long enough to admit my taste in music has been slightly polluted by other people. I'd say i'm even more of a music snob, if this is even possible. I guess i'll start by saying I have quite a few music related events coming up, and i would like to have some way of remembering them. Also been seeing alot of local bands recently, always fun.

To kick this off (again) i'll talk about what i'm listening to right this minute, literally.

A new electro pop band from Sweden niki and the dove, something i stole off the guardians 'new band of the day' thing. Handy that.

They sound a little bit euro pop in this song but it's the only one released on youtube. soz

In the rest of their music i've hear it's all a little Warpaint. I'm finding myself relaxing to this kind of music more and more and you know what, i really don't mind. Don't worry, my normal listening frenzy will start again when i have more time. This is a lottle on the depressing side.


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