Wednesday, 10 February 2010

If music was the food of love, I’d be a fat romantic slob.

A tongue in the cheek view on love and romance from someone with a blogger name containing the word ‘violated’. You can’t write this kind of shit.

So it’s coming up to my weekend off work and I won’t be around to blog at all, and since the inspiration has taken me I thought I’d get it in early. I’ll be heading into London so cockneys lock up anything/one that you don’t want puked on/in. You have been warned.

So let me start off by saying how much of a pessimist I am about the 14th of February, I can’t remember having a great valentines day or even a decent valentine. In the same breath I really don’t hate the event, love or romance. Also this is not a cry for help or an attempt at advice, I am supremely under qualified for that kind of stuff. It’s just a bit of fun and an excuse to blog some music.

I’m here today to give a more realistic view on romance, not the heartbreak and the love stories but real life. Not everyone has that perfect drama thing going on, and some people try to force it. I myself am emotionally retarded after being left in front of too many episodes of Dawson’s creek’ whilst younger.

There is someone for everyone out there, and if your lucky two people. That’s what we call a ‘ménage á trois’. Jokes. You more than likely have to go through a bunch of relationships and deal with a lot of life before you get settled, find someone or learn your lessons before its too late. Or so I’ve been told. List to enough music and you can learn from people mistakes. This song by Frank Turner says it all really; he speaks of girls with the kind of personality’s I meet far too often. They won’t necessarily treat you like they treated Frank but I think most guys can relate.

Frank Turner – Substitute

Enough of the women bashing and on to some real romance, real being the choice word with this one. I love this track, it’s got to be the funniest song of there brilliant first season. The idea is this is how one of the characters thinks settling down with the women he is currently seeing would be like. In a good way.

Flight of the Conchords – Business time (hypem)

This has got FAR too deep for my liking.

Business hours are over

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