Thursday, 4 February 2010

1901 - a gooood year init

Another quick blog, I seem to have little to no free time at the moment. Not a lot of new music listened to and not a lot of blogs written. I figure that when the mood takes me, it’ll be time.

Just a quick track of the week here, a single that I’ve heard hundreds of times recently. It was only when it was played out loud on a decent sound system before The Drums came on stage last week that I realised what a stick in the head track it is.

Phoenix – 1901

Look forward to a gig review soon, when I manage to remember to charge my camera for photos!

Oh yeah, and my graphic. It’s drawn by a friend of a friend who makes some SWEET t-shirts. Better than you can get in any high street shop. Seriously, they’ve got a new series coming out. Get them whilst they’re hot from

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