Monday, 13 December 2010

Albums of 2010: The Drums

Next up, it's another band who I will have the pleasure of seeing live in the next few days. It's probably looking like I'm having quite a good winter of music so far! I promise you, my life isn't always this exciting.

The Drums self titled album comes off the back of last years 'Summertime! E.P'. One of my favourite collection of songs from 2009, with Summertime! being an adequate description of their SoCo sunshine style. They were compared a lot to the Beach Boys when they started making waves, with a similar style of writing. Summer love, heartbreak, old American cars and the fact their most popular song is titled 'Let's go surfing' help give them that old California romantic meets The Cure feel.

They've endured enough of these things this year, one of the members leaving the band halfway through the north american tour only to rejoin a month later. Fucking drama... Let's hope they write a bloody song about it.

But seriously, I love this band, and it's a great album. Simple adorable music. Fingers crossed they stay together long enough to put a few more out there.

They also seems to have a pretty heavy affect on the recently dumped. If there's one thing i've learnt about The Drums, it's never put them on whilst in a car with a couple on the rocks, it doesn't create the best of atmospheres...

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