Sunday, 29 November 2009

Greetings from a desert island

So starting a blog is a lot more complicated than I thought, people have much more interesting lives than me. Giving yourself a voice in the sea of the interweb is a bit like talking to yourself… or more accurately standing on a desert island shouting, desperately trying to get a lift off the god forsaken rock. Someone might hear you but why would they care. You’re just some dude on an island

My biggest problem in life is I love music, want to dj but often like the WHOLE song. I’m not going to mix out after one chorus, I like than chorus, I want to hear that chorus as much as possible. Also I’m crap at mixing. Starting a music blog seemed like a great idea, all the bills paid with lack of skills.

Plus I have no life, I hear that helps with blogging.

Hopefully we can all listen to some music, do a little dance/cry and we’ll all be fine come the morning. It helps that I like most things I hear, and am distracted easily by bright lights and shiny things.

Oh and the name, my real name I’m bored of hearing. When you see that glorious example of a British benefit system gone wrong in the supermarket, her youngest pulling shit off shelves left right and centre whilst she screams his name, my name. Frankly I’d rather be violated by the woods.

…and it’s a reference to a cult film. 1 biscuit given out for every correct answer

Rant Out. Here’s a song I got excited about! I’ve just booked tickets to see the xx in march, love their album and have a real soft spot for their reworking of Florence + the machines version of you’ve got the love.

Its strange how remixes are more popular than the originals nowadays. Don’t get me wrong I love a good remix but this is ridiculous, reworking a reworking. For me it all started when I heard Fatboy slims remix of Body Movin’ by the beastie boys, I bet you can’t remember the steel drum lined original! Shame I can’t find the video, the beastie boys do make some cracking ones and this is one of their best

Hopefully next time I’ll have worked out how to embed audio, any help is appreciated

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